0xAcid is a community-driven protocol that operates on both the Arbitrum and Ethereum networks, with all of the protocol's revenue distributed to ACID stakers. The protocol has been established without VC involvement or monopolies, and boasts a fair launch that prioritizes the community's maximum benefit.

The Berkshire Hathaway of Ethereum is rising

The 0xAcid protocol aims to optimize returns on LSD assets, including stETH, rETH, frxETH, and others, by providing a significantly higher yield than typical LSD assets that typically offer only 4-5% APR. This will have a significant impact on the entire Ethereum ecosystem, both on L1 and L2, as the protocol accumulates more ETH-related assets in its treasury. The protocol holds LSD-related assets, which indicates a long-term bullish stance on ETH, and earns real income from Ethereum nodes. The protocol's values are denominated in ETH, with a focus on ETH growth, as the team firmly believes that ETH will surpass $10,000 in the near future. Through the 0xAcid ETH $10K marathon, the Treasury will liquidate its ETH when it reaches $10,000, which will result in significant returns for ACID holders. The more ACID one holds, the larger their share of the returns.
The 0xAcid protocol specializes in managing Ethereum native assets efficiently and adaptably, providing users with higher returns than staking ETH to protocols like Lido, while avoiding the risk of liquidation and internal system risks. This results in a more secure and profitable staking experience. The protocol uses the capabilities of multiple Ethereum staking protocols to deliver stable and sustainable native asset staking yields, with a focus on providing reliable returns for stakers of its partner token LSDoge.
Typical LSD assets, such as stETH and cbETH, only offer an annualized return of 4%. However, 0xAcid's staking strategy allows LSDoge stakers to receive significantly higher ETH yields, ranging from 30% to 100%. This provides a unique opportunity for users to maximize their returns and grow their investments.
Users who stake their LSDoge tokens benefit from the long-term growth potential of ETH, enhancing their investment. In essence, LSDoge through ACID, is a conductor that allows long-term users to invest in ETH and receive stable and substantial cash flows.Users who stake their LSDoge tokens benefit from the long-term growth potential of ETH, enhancing their investment. In essence, LSDoge through ACID, is a conductor that allows long-term users to invest in ETH and receive stable and substantial cash flows. Users who lock their ACID tokens, not only benefit from the long-term growth potential of ETH, but they can earn multiple times over through esACID emissions, which can be vested into additional ACID. This newly vested ACID can then be staked or re-locked to acquire a larger share of the ETH $10k treasury liquidation value, or it can be sold for a potential profit.
The primary goal of 0xAcid is to become the leading protocol for managing native assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is the sole native asset on the Ethereum network and its asset characteristics are continually strengthened by the ETH 2.0 upgrade plan. As a valuable asset, ETH earns the base rate of the system when participating in its security system.
The US dollar is the most widely used fiat currency globally, and there are numerous models for managing US dollar funds. Our aim is to establish a similar model on Ethereum, creating a decentralized management protocol on the blockchain, backed by the community. In the long run, we strive to actively participate in Ethereum's Proof-of-Stake ecology. The mission of 0xAcid is aligned with Ethereum's vision for the future.

Why do we need an Ethereum management protocol?

The objective of implementing an Ethereum management protocol is to extend the advantages of Ethereum's long-term development to a broader user base, without succumbing to short-term interests. Moreover, the protocol seeks to offer an accessible entry point for all Ethereum users to partake in the Proof-of-Stake ecosystem. By holding LSD assets for the long haul, the protocol strives to stimulate Ethereum's expansion and augment its overall worth.
The 0xAcid protocol operates with a singular focus on increasing the value of ETH, and all assets, including ACID. Our singular key performance indicator (KPI) is to increase the value of ETH through any means necessary. To achieve this goal, the protocol aims to accumulate a growing amount of LSD assets and generate yield. The protocol's mission is to encourage more people to engage in the ETH staking and locking system for the long-term and reward only those who are committed to sustained participation. To minimize the presence of short-term profit seekers and retain genuine participants, locking up tokens is a critical requirement. The ultimate objective is to control as many LSD assets as possible, enhance the security and long-term value of Ethereum, and establish an Ethereum-native asset income flywheel that benefits the protocol itself.

Our Goals

  • Provide Ethereum native assets with comprehensive innovative features that allow for greater flexibility and control over their liquidity.
  • Support the growth of both the Arbitrum and Ethereum staking ecosystems.
  • Use our protocol design to allow projects of various sizes to enter our platform with minimal restrictions.
  • Provide state-of-the-art and highly integrable components that can be easily integrated with other protocols, promoting seamless interoperability.
  • Use our approach to apply transparent yield descriptions to innovative emission strategies, resulting in a sustainable token economics model that creates a positive feedback loop for Ethereum native asset yields.
  • Become the most extensive ETH staking yield protocol by combining LSD yields and offering higher returns through a bond pattern, leading to the accumulation of ETH and various LSD assets.